Quirky, entertaining stories from an author with endless inventiveness. 

A.J. Ponder is a USA Today Bestselling author, the recipient of the 2021 Wright-Murray Residency and winner of multiple awards including two Sir Julius Vogel Awards and a runner up to the New Scientist sponsored venture,  Arc and Tomorrow Project. 

Best known locally for her Wellington classic, Wizard's Guide to Wellington, A.J. has written in a variety of genres, and is passionate about all things fantasy, science and science fiction. 

A.J. Ponder has a head full of monsters, and recklessly spills them out onto the written page. Beware dragons, dreadbeasts, taniwha, and small children - all are equally dangerous, and capable of treading on your heart – or tearing it, still beating, from your chest.

A.J. says, "Writing is about fun. Reading doubly so. Enjoy!"

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