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Richard and Joanna acquired Rona Gallery in 1999, and transformed the sleepy seaside gallery into a vibrant Wellington art gallery. An attraction in the heart of Eastbourne, Lower Hutt, that international visitors have compared favourably to some of the top galleries in New York. Joanna's deep knowledge of literacy and literature makes her the perfect person to handpick our children's books. And Richard's knowledge and love of international and NZ art has attracted some of New Zealand's best artists, including Richard Ponder himself, Suzanne Herschell, Ken Hunt, Darcy Nicholas, Michael Ponder, and Paul Tait.

Richard and Joanna Ponder

A professional artist for over thirty years, Richard Ponder's original style is often imitated, but rarely well. The three-dimensional aspect, and vibrant colour is best seen on the wall. His work can be seen at Rona Gallery 151 Muritai Road Eastbourne, or Black Door Gallery, 251 Parnell Road, Auckland. To find out more about Richard, click here, or to purchase his work, go to straight to Richard Ponder's page on our online store.

A teacher for over thirty five years, Joanna Ponder's love of literature and teaching literacy, not only makes her the perfect person to handpick our children's books, but has also led her after retiring to into setting up Literacy Matters, a tutoring service for children with learning difficulties. She's highly qualified to do so, after a retiring as a principal she taught reading at Hutt Valley High School for 12 years (TTC, SPELS, NZTC Practising Certificate) For more information please ring Joanna on 562 8062

Stockists of Lyra Pencils

We look forward to seeing you at Rona Gallery 151 Muritai Road, Eastbourne, Wellington, NZ. Or take time to peruse the Rona Gallery web shop for New Zealand paintings, NZ books, and more.

Richard, Joanna, and the Rona Gallery Team

Evening Poppies Richard Ponder

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RONA Gallery, Wellington's favourite bookshop and art gallery, in the heart of Eastbourne, Lower Hutt
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