Wizard's Guide to Wellington - A.J.Ponder


Wizard's Guide to Wellington - A.J.Ponder

Alec's Dad is missing. Why isn't he at Wellington airport to help pick up Perrin, the mysterious
English cousin Alec has heard so little about? Perrin has arrived at "Wellingtowne Airport" only to discover Ike, her cantankerous wizarding guide, has disappeared. Worse, she cannot see anyone there to meet her and she is all alone in the dangerous city of "Wellingtowne". The warning: Bad men watch you. Something is wrong, very, very wrong, and it's up to the two cousins to rescue "Wellingtowne" & Wellington.


"Wizards and a taniwha running wild in Wellington - who would have thought it? Perrin's  adventures in the capital city are fun to follow and full of surprises. My (unpointy) hat is off to Alicia Ponder. Now where's my broom....?" - Fiona Kidman

"You cannot trust anything this book says, it's all far too
exciting to be true" - Mrs Bee

“Fantastic story – setting – character –full of tension and surprises – very cool.”
Mary McCallum

“Alicia Ponder has conjured a whirlwind of wizardry that will have you reaching for the nearest broomstick in this delightfully wild and unpredictable tale of magic, monsters and mayhem.”
Emanuel E Garcia

“A truly magical book.”
Lorraine Williams