Light over Hawke's Bay by Bettie Huibers

Light over Hawke

Light over Hawke's Bay by Bettie Huibers


Light over Hawke's Bay began with the idea of landscape and grew into " atmospheric landscape, an image of where I live."

Acrylic on Canvas

75 x 75cm 


About the Artist: Bettie Huibers

Born in the Netherlands, Bettie moved to New Zealand in 1983, and presently resides in Waipukurau, Central Hawkes Bay.

With a diploma in Art and Craft for Youth Leadership and Art Therapy, she has worked as an Art Therapist and has taught art privately and at teachers training institutions. Working across a wide range of media including acrylics, oil paints and water colours, Bettie has shown and sold work extensively both privately, and through exhibitions and galleries in Hawkes Bay and Wellington region.

Bettie works in two different ways. One is the exploration of colours and their associated moods, letting them manifest gradually into forms from which a theme is discovered. For this process colour is approached as a vehicle or motive towards the completed work. This allows the focus on colour, so that whatever actually happens on canvas, in the way of structure, form and composition takes on a subconscious role. The second method is to start with a theme or subject and consciously choose a suitable colour palette which gradually brings out the subject through the paint on the canvas. This gives a more traditional approach but still allows the space to explore the qualitative aspects of colour(s). To achieve the required results multiple layers are applied of translucent colours by brush on canvas built up over time to create shifting colour fields of varying depths.