Snails, Spells & Snazzlepops

Snails, Spells & Snazzlepops

Snails, Spells & Snazzlepops

Charlie is sick of living in a house with door handles that drop off and a mum with no money. It’s time for him to take the family finances into his own hands. TV chef Pierre Pascal has got rich from serving up weird stuff like frog legs and snails, so Charlie starts cooking.

After all, the ingredients are just outside his kitchen window and he’s persuaded Millie next door to help. But live food isn’t easy, especially when it tries to escape …

A story of crazy cook-ups, magic and mayhem that will scintillate the brain cells and seriously snazzle your pops.

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Robyn Cooper lives with her husband at the top of a cablecar, amongst the beech trees of Days Bay, Wellington. Her children’s writing has been shortlisted for the Joy Cowley Award and the Jack Lasenby Award. Robyn has published a memoir, short stories and poems, and this is her first children’s book. Although you wouldn't know it. One of Joanna's favourites for the year, with its quick pace and creative whimsy.